3 Pitfalls to Avoid While Gaming

3 Pitfalls to Avoid While Gaming

One thing we like about board games is that they can be immersive. If it’s a great game you might role play a little or become completely engrossed in your winning strategy. Before you know it, you’ve lost yourself in the thrill of the game.

What a great feeling!

But don’t forget to keep your fellow gamers happy. Here are three common pitfalls we’ve seen gamers fall into when they become totally immersed in the game.

1. Making fun of others

Be kind. It’s fine to tease, but make sure you don’t go too far. Sometimes you completely blow your opponents away. When you do, don’t rub it in. No one likes sore winners. Same thing for when you’re losing horrifically. No one wants to be around a sore loser. Good friends might be able to get away with some good-natured joking, but be very careful if you are around casual friends. You can turn someone off to gaming for good with one rude remark.

No one wants to be around a jerk.

2. Putting down a board game

An interesting phenomena of the gaming hobby is how unbelievably attached to a game someone can be. It happens to the best of us. (Don’t you dare say something bad about Android Netrunner!) A side effect of this is that a player might tend to disparage other games in comparison to his favorite game. So even if you just absolutely love one game, be open to other games, and don’t put down other people’s favorites (especially when you’re losing). Putting down other games only turns people off from the hobby.

If it turns out you just don’t like a game, do everyone a favor, and keep it to yourself.

3. Cheating

Whenever you play, remember the ultimate object: to have fun. In some games, it can be easy to get away with cheating. Don’t do it. No victory is worth the cheat.

Just  remember, the goal is to have fun. Winning is great, but cheating can spoil the game for others, and even damage a friendship if you’re caught.

Let us know what some of your game night pet peeves are. What would you like added to this pitfall list?

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