Android Netrunner Store Championship

Android Netrunner Store Championship

We support and host multiple Android Netrunner meet ups and tournaments, but as you know we don’t own a store. This provided an interesting challenge for us to find a venue we could use to have around our expected 15 to 20 players play for a 7+ hour event. Thankfully the awesome guys at Game HQ have agreed to host the Store Championship! Thank you awesome board game community. Below are the details. 

When: March 1, 1:00 p.m.

Where: Game HQ, Suite B, 9118 South Western Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73139

How much: Entry $10

Prizes: Top 32 – one alt-art card Top 8 – art deck box Top 4 – the top 4 playmat Champion – Store Championship plaque, a first round bye at any regional championship.

RSVP: Here please. It helps us get the right numbers.

The tournament will be swiss rounds followed by a cut, all falling under the tournament rules provided by Fantasy Flight Games.  Players of all skill levels are welcome.

Please come ready to give deck lists, have the cards sleeved and realize no proxies are allowed. For more information about the tournament standards and rules, click here.

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