Ask a Guru: How should I handle food and drink at a game night?

Question: Should I allow food and drink at my game nights? I’m worried about food or drinks spilling on my games. Plus, food and drinks are expensive! What should I do?

Answer: Snacks and drinks definitely make a game night more fun. People love food, and having something to munch on can help fill the space while waiting for someone else to move.

It’s true that all snacks can dirty up board games to some extent. But remember, the point of a game night is to have fun. The games are just a tool to bring you together and facilitate that fun. Some snacks do more damage than others (we’re looking at you, Cheetos), so avoid providing the kinds of snacks that will leave layers of flavor behind on people’s fingers.

If you have a card game, you might also want to invest in card sleeves, to further protect the cards from damage or food.

As for who can provide food: if your group consists of friends, suggest that everyone bring something to help spread the cost around. Good suggestions are chips and dip, vegetables or crackers and cheese.

The same goes with drinks. We open our game night to alcoholic drinks because, hey, it’s more fun. But if that isn’t your thing, or you have minors present, just be clear upfront with your gaming group about what kind of drinks are acceptable. Drinks can be particularly dangerous to games if they spill, but we’ve allowed them at our game nights since we started, and never had an accident that actually did any damage to a game.

We live life on the edge. Do you too? Let us know in the comments.

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