Alien Frontiers

Alien Frontiers

You’re a fearless deep space colonist! You and your competitors find a new harsh world to settle. Using orbital facilities, long lost alien technology and resources, you will build a fleet of ships and settle colonies all over the planet. Exert the most influence over the planet and you will dominate this alien frontier!

In Alien Frontiers, players will start with three ships, or dice. Each turn players will roll their dice and place their ships in unique combinations at different facilities to earn resources, build more ships (get more dice!) and colonize the planet. Every possible dice combination gives multiple options, so there’s no dice roll that’s bad. Points are scored for settling and controlling more territory than other players. But it’s not easy, as other players will be doing the same thing. The player with the most influence on the planet when the first person settles all their colonies wins the game.

For 2-4 players, plays in under 90 minutes

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