It’s the medieval times, when great cities with immense power are being built all over Europe. You are one of those builders, competing to build and control your own city of eight districts. As you strive to build your city, you must enlist the help of unique and powerful characters—the king, merchants, diplomats, generals or even the dark shay underworld of assassins and thieves. You must wisely spend your gold, intimidate rivals and outmaneuver their intrigues to build the most powerful city.

In Citadels, players choose character roles each turn to carefully plan and build their cities. Some roles allow you to build faster, others to thwart the plans of your opponents. A role may only be selected once per turn, so choose wisely. The first person to use their gold to build eight districts triggers the end of the game, but it’s the player with the most powerful city that wins the game.

For 2-8 players, plays in under 90 minutes

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