Welcome to Italy during the glorious Renaissance. Trade is flourishing and rich Italian city-states are continue amass great wealth. But without a national army to protect them, these cities must depend on the Condottiere, or mercenaries, to defend their wealth. You will take control of the Condottiere and use it to expand your territory and build your own kingdom in Italy.

Condottiere is a simple game played with cards, representing the mercenaries, and a small board, representing Italy. Players will be given a set number of cubes to mark their territory on the board and are dealt a hand of cards that are numbered one through ten. Players use the cards in an intense auction to bid for control over a territory. But be careful, every card that is bid is lost once used. In affect, the game is a bid to see how many troops you are willing to lose to gain the territory. Special cards shake up the bids and keep things interesting with nasty surprises. The first person to gain control three bordering territories or place all their cubes wins the game.

For 2-6 players, plays in under 45 minutes

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