Escape: The Curse of the Temple

Escape: The Curse of the Temple

You are a team of adventurers and explorers. You find yourself trapped in a cursed temple with only a little time left before the temple collapses on your team. Your team must track down magic gems to lift the curse and find the way out. Navigate through the temple, find enough treasure gems and get out in time, and your team wins. If one person is trapped when the temple collapses, you all lose.

Escape is a cooperative real-time game with all players rolling dice and taking actions simultaneously. The┬áright dice combos will let you explore new passages, enter rooms, collect gems you discover and leave the temple. But watch out, if you roll the cursed Black Mask, you’ll need the help of a Golden Mask and your team to keep you moving. Players have exactly ten minutes to get out and win the game. Escape┬áincludes a spooky sound track to keep your time and two expansions to keep the play interesting.

For 2-5 players, plays in 10 minutes

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