King Tritus has assigned you and your opponents to oversee his distant provinces. Congrats! You’re now a medieval governor, but that wasn’t exactly a promotion. The work is hard and dangerous. You labor all spring, summer and fall to produce as much wealth and resources as possible. You strive desperately to develop your province, build defenses and raise armies, because when winter comes, your territory faces invasion from one of the kingdom’s enemies. Fortunately, you’re not alone. You can recruit various subjects of the King, even Tritus himself, as advisors to help you, but only for a season and for a price! But if you can impress the King in five years by rising above the other governors and proving your worth, you will be rewarded with victory!

In Kingsburg, players will play for five rounds, or years, with four seasons, or turns, each. Players roll dice on the three productive seasons and place them different advisors. Advisors offer different resources that can be used to build your wealth, develop your cities infrastructure, raise defenses or an army.  With limited time and an imminent invasion in the winter, players must choose wisely! The player who has successfully defended themselves from invasion and developed their province the most wins!

[Box]For 2-5 players, plays in under 90 minutes[/box]

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