Mission: Red Planet

Mission: Red Planet

It’s the 1800’s and steam technology has progressed to the point that Mars can be colonized and mined. New resources have been discovered, as well as glaciers that will make Mars habitable. You own a mining company that’s in position to take advantage of the new boom. Employing special agents, your mission is to send astronauts in space shuttles to gain control the richest territories of Mars. Can you claim your Martian territory before another company scoops it up?

Mission: Red PlanetĀ is a game of area control and role selection. Players have 10 rounds to settle Mars and claim the richest territories while blocking their opponents. Players accomplish this by choosing a special agent every round to help fill the space shuttles with astronauts and colonizing them in the right territories. After rounds 5, 8 and 10, players gain score tokens for every territory they have the majority of the astronauts. The player with the most score tokens at the end wins the game.

For 3-5 players, plays in under 90 minutes

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