The world is facing a pandemic! Virulent diseases have simultaneously infected much of the world’s population. But don’t fear—you and an elite team have been sent from the CDC with the mission to treat the disease and find cures for all four diseases. Can you save humanity before the entire world is infected?

Pandemic is a cooperative game where players have special abilities that must be used together to conquer the plagues. A deck of cards determines which population centers the diseases spread to, while a second deck gives players the ability to travel and fight the diseases in those same cities. If the diseases get too out of hand, a chain reaction will occur and can overwhelm the cities. And if that didn’t sound scary enough, Epidemic! cards are sprinkled in to give diseases a chance to spread even faster. Players will have to determine the best way to use their abilities and actions and to determine how to stop the diseases from spreading and how to find cures. Find all four cures and the team wins.

For 2-4 players, plays in under 60 minutes


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