What are your orders commander? Should we deploy the Flagship? Send out the scouts? Or attack incoming enemy ships?

As fleet commander you get to decide! You command a fleet of ships powered by the might of quantum probability. Develop new technologies and rally the troops as you carve out an empire in the stars.

Quantum is a strategy game in which players battle for control of territory using dice that represent ships. Each die is a ship, whose movement capabilities, attack power and the special powers are determined by the value  shown on the die. Each turn players are given three actions to take, including attacking, moving, transforming (re-rolling) your ships to or constructing quantum cubes to exploit planets. Players can also construct quantum cubes by destroying other players’ ships. But don’t worry, if you lose a ship, you can easily bring it back for a counterattack. Each time you construct a cube, you gain a special ability that will help you conquer more planets or ships. The first person to place five cubes wins the game.

For 2-4 players, plays in under 60 minutes

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