Small World

Small World

You’re a conqueror of a fantasy world that’s just too small to fit all the races that inhabit it. Humans, wizards, orcs, dwarves and elves are just a few of the characters all vying for more space. You must take control of one of these races and use their troops to conquer an territory within reach. But beware, you will over-extend your civilization into decline and will have to choose a new one to keep conquering.

Small World is a game of conquest with no player elimination. Players choose a race by combining 14 characters and 20 unique special powers and use that race to take over territory, gaining victory points. As long as a player has more troops than the territory or your opponent has, you can take it. But races only have a limited number of troops, so at some point they will run out and the race will have to go into decline. Players then choose a new race. The player that takes the most territory and knows when to put their race into decline in a a set number of turns will win the game.

For  2-5 players, plays under 90 minutes

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