Smash Up

Smash Up

Pirates and Dinosaurs vs. Aliens and Ninjas. Sounds exciting? You bet. Smash Up is a game in which players choose two of the eight factions available. Zombies, Wizards, Robots and more—just pick your favorite combo and proceed to smash! Did we mention the dinosaurs have lasers?

In Smash Up players pick a deck of two factions and use them to smash bases. Players can play a minion on a base and and an action every turn. Minions have a power levels that will trigger a base to break when the combined players’ minions power reaches a certain point. When a base breaks, players score points based on their power level. Each faction has unique abilities that help score in different ways. The first player to reach 15 points wins the game.

For 2-4 players, plays in under 60 minutes

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