As a member of the Japanese Emperor’s court, you have been given the assignment of taking care of his giant panda bear. And by taking care of the giant panda—we mean feeding it! This means you will grow and maintain a bamboo plantation to appease its ravenous appetite. By parceling out land, irrigating it and growing delicious bamboo, you will work with the Imperial gardener to complete this delicate task.

In Takenoko, players perform two actions from five options each turn. Players can build the bamboo plantation, irrigate or move the panda to where it can eat. The weather conditions, determined by a die roll, can affect what actions a player can take. Each player will also receive objectives in the beginning in the game and can choose to pick more up as an action. These objectives are specific tasks players work toward, from growing the tallest bamboo plants, feeding the panda or building your plantation in a specific way. Points are scored when objectives are completed, and when enough objectives are scored by a player, the game ends. The person who has scored the highest points from the objectives wins the game.

For 2-4 players, plays in under 45 minutes

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